Our one-stop resource to get started with your Guardian ELOG.

Video Tutorials

Quick Step by Step tutorials on how to use your Guardian ELD. 

User Guide

Detailed information on how to use your Guardian ELOG device. This includes step by step details on what the tablet icon uses.

Wiring Schematics

This includes a diagram on the wiring schematics for the Guardian ELOG. 

Registration Guide

Detailed step by step information on how to Register your Guardian ELOG for your company. 

Installation Guide

Detailed information on pre-installation of the Guardian ELOG to Installing the ELDH Module.

Learn how to operate your Guardian ELOG with our step by step guides on youtube.

Quick Guide

Get to know your Guardian ELOG. What’s included in your package and basic button functions. 

Truck Connections

Information on truck connections and find out what your vehicle uses. 

Dot Inspection

The DOT Inspection page on the Guardian ELOG is shown to an authorized safety official during a roadside inspection. 

Warranty Manual

DTI  Warranty Manual ensures satisfaction with the quality of their Guardian ELOG purchase.

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