Affordable Compliance Solutions

We are an affordable option for all sizes of fleet management and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance. This pricing includes all necessary components. 

We work with our customers, hand in hand to ensure long term success. Let us know what you are looking for and our experienced team will provide a recommendation that’s tailored to meet your needs. 

Contact us for pricing. Additional fleet pricing available

No Hidden Fees or Activation Fees

Monthly charges includes up to 10 active users. No extra fees as we charge per device installed in vehicle.  

Device Financing

finance unit

2 year term
$ 38 Per unit

finance unit

3 year term
$ 27 Per unit

*Device can be purchased outright without financing. Contact us for more details.

**Owned product after term. 

Recurring Monthly Fees

no contract

$ 65 Per Month

1 year

$ 60 Per Month

2 years

$ 55 Per Month

3 years

$ 50 Per Month

4 years

$ 45 Per Month

*Per device, includes up to 10 active users. 

**Prices are for Canada only. Contact us for North America pricing. 


Referral Program

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DeviceCare Plan

Add DeviceCare to your plan.