Are You Ready for the ELD Mandate?

The Canadian ELD Mandate established on June 12th, 2021 will be fully enforced on June 12th, 2022.
The Guardian ELOG by Diesel Tech Industries is 3rd Party Certified in Canada.
ELOG Certification Date 08/24/2021, ELD Certification # 6T02. 
Designed as a mobile technology platform the Guardian ELOG provides a comprehensive solution to the electronic logging needs of the driver. It has been engineered to be fully compliant with government certification requirements.
Our device communicates directly with your engine’s computer to provide the most accurate data available.
  • Create driver logs quickly and easily
  • Effortless DVIRs
  • Minimize costly errors
  • Straightforward roadside inspections
  • US and Canadian mandate compliant
  • Supports interprovincial HOS rules.
  • Painless cloud-based dashboard system.


Secure Data

Your device is backed up through a secure cloud based system and also physically stored on the device. Data is accessible 24/7 on multiple platforms.

Ruggedized Tablet

Guardian ELOG was built as a durable hardware designed to conquer the elements.  Our device is designed to remain undamaged in the extreme Canadian climate.

Vehicle Activity Monitoring

The information is being pulled directly from the engine. The drive time, off duty time, yard time, loading time etc. Information is gathered directly from the vehicle’s electronic communications system (typically CAN bus in newer equipment).

Stand Alone Tablet

The Guardian ELOG is a self contained system. Users won’t have to rely on using their personal mobile device. This means not having to rely on your users having a compatible device that they control the permissions of. Instead, you would have a dedicated unit where and when they need it. ​

There are pricing options available for any fleet. Any of our dedicated sales specialists will work with you to ensure that we find the right solution for your organization.

Easy Transition

The Guardian ELOG will be a painless transition to a paperless log for your entire fleet. Our Device is designed to be easily operated and understood, while still being fleet compliant with Canadian and US ELD mandates. The Guardian ELOG will generate the hours and km driven, ensure faster Inspections and more manageable, easy to read reporting. By directly accessing the vehicle’s computer, instead of GPS approximation, information accuracy is guaranteed. The Guardian ELOG provides the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to preserve the integrity of your safety and compliance standards.


Accessible Reports

Guardian ELOG Dashboard easily allows you to access information to monitor the performance of your drivers and company. The online platform provides data such as Inspection Reports, Fleet Tracking, and ELD Logs. 

FMCSA Regulations Compliant ELD Solution

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains a list of registered ELDs that comply with the technical and feature specifications necessary for compliant electronic logs. Our Guardian ELOG maintains a high-level of technical reliability. With our industry-leading customer service, we strive to be the best in the industry. 

Mandate Faqs

June 2021, though it is our recommendation that you get an ELD working for you as soon as possible. The Guardian ELOG ELD is being developed first and foremost as a fully compliant dedicated electronic logging device. We have worked every single step of the way with the Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices as our roadmap to ensure that our product will meet and exceed expectations every step of the way.   consequatur.

There are four main exemptions from the new rules and guidelines. Commercial motor vehicles will be exempt if:

  • Operating under a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director
  • Have a statutory exemption
  • Subject to a rental agreement with terms being under 30 days
  • The vehicle was manufactured before 2000

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