In partnership with Rosco Live, the DV6 dashcam is now available for our Guardian ELOG users. 

Safer Roads

Our newest feature to give fleet managers the tools to reduce high-risk driving on the road with AI.  

Driver Accountability

Keep your fleet safe and drivers accountable in situations where accidents may be undocumented. 

Continuous Event Monitoring

With laser focused accuracy to detect
events like G-shock, speeding, driver
panic button, and AI/DMS events of
cellphone footage, drowsiness, and
critical distraction.

Giving fleet manager the tools to reduce high risk driving on the road with AI.

Keep your focus on the road ahead

Manage your fleet, monitor your drivers and keep your focus on the road ahead. The Dashcam works seamlessly with many technology service providers.

Send alerts & notifications

The DV6 will generate an alert to warn the driver and send sms or email alert to management. This allows for instant interventions and livestreaming to get ahead of potential major issues. The improved user interface of Roscolive offers a new experience with gps tracking, live streaming video and customized reporting. 

Full HD resolution cameras, both individually capable of 1080p or 720p with up to 30FPS. Real time livestreaming from either lens to see the driver and the road ahead. Tested and proven by the most stringent, heavy-duty vehicle environmental vibration standards.