June 2021 Canadian Mandate Compliance Guaranteed


Guardian ELOG device is backed up to  secure cloud based system, 14 days worth of data stored on the Guardian ELOG device. This ensures your data is accessible 24/7 on multiple platforms. 


DTI designed a dedicated tablet that works seamlessly with the ELD system. The Guardian ELOG is designed to withstand drops, vibrations, crashes, extreme temperatures, differing altitudes, and natural elements such as wind, rain, sand, humidity and dust. By not relying on “off the shelf” or personal mobile devices; compatibility and permission settings are secured. 


As with all of the products powered by Diesel Tech Industries, The Guardian ELOG is designed and engineered by our in-house technical experts. We are working alongside industry leaders with an inestimable amount of practical industry experience.

FMCSA approved and Guaranteed to meet the Canadian mandate


  1. The use of ELDs applied to any federally regulated carries who currently use traditional paper logbooks. Haul loads in excess of 4500 kgs or operate vehicle with a GVW over 11, 794 kgs. Provincial and territorial regulators will need to adopt the rules that apply to provincial and interprovincial operations. 
  2. Commercial vehicle means a vehicle that is a truck, tractor, trailer or any combination of them that has a registered gross vehicle weight in excess of 4500 kg or a bus that is designed and constructed to have designed seating capacity of more than 10 persons, including the driver. 
  3. ELD will automatically record things like driving time, odometer readings, and engine power-up.
  4. Roadside Inspectors will be able to ask for an ELD record to be emailed to a supplied address. Your ELD must have an onscreen display to show inspectors at roadside.
  5. Fleet Compliance must have real time access to information.
  6. Your ELD must provide GPS tracking and capture drive time automatically. 


The Guardian ELOG will be a painless transition to a paperless log for your entire fleet. Our Device is designed to be easily operated and understood, while still being fleet compliant with Canadian and US ELD mandates. The Guardian ELOG will generate the hours and km driven, ensure faster Inspections and more manageable, easy to read reporting. By directly accessing the vehicle’s computer, instead of GPS approximation, information accuracy is guaranteed. The Guardian ELOG provides the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to preserve the integrity of your safety and compliance standards.


There are pricing options available for any fleet. Any of our dedicated sales specialists will work with you to ensure that we find the right solution for your organization.

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