This Thanksgiving, Thank a Trucker

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and we want to take this time to give thanks to the truckers around the country. Truckers play such a vital role in keeping the Canadian economy thriving. It goes unheeded, but holidays like thanksgiving depend heavily on the trucking industry. We want to thank all the drivers and everyone in the trucking industry who make our holidays possible. Truckers deliver almost all our daily needs. Thanksgiving almost always means there’s turkey involved. Turkeys, stuffings, mashed potatoes , you name it – all of which is delivered by trucks. More people celebrating means more deliveries need to be made. All the goods that we sometimes may take for granted and go unnotice, but are made available to us because of a trucker.  Not only do drivers have extensive duties and responsibilities such as driving for extended periods of time, logging hours, but also faced with a wide assortment of dangers every day. Here at Diesel Tech, we appreciate all the truckers and their dedication. We encourage all of you to take a few minutes to say the next time you see a truck driver at a gas station for all they do. 

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