No more delays for Canadian ELD Mandate

Canada’s ELD mandate went into effect in June 2021 but there were some doubts among transportation officials regarding the timeline. This was due to many reasons including the third-party certification process. 

According to our updates from our government partners at the Alberta Motor Trucking Association (AMTA) and other associations, there will be no more delays in enforcement of the electronic logging device. This applies to federally regulated carriers and mandate will take effect on January 1, 2023.  This will include provinces like Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are committed to enforcing the ELD mandate by then. 

“All necessary Alberta legislation is in place to allow enforcement in January 2023. AMTA applauds the Alberta government for being ready for Federal HOS ELD enforcement in January 2023.” – Chris Nash – President of Alberta Motor Transport Association. 


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