How much money are you actually paying for your ELD device?

Many fleets are now rushing to get ready for the compliance of the transport ELD mandate. Some are purchasing ELDs and only considering visible costs as the key factor for choosing an ELD system. It’s natural for fleets to lean towards trying to save costs by bringing their own device or purchasing stand alone tablets. 

We break down how much a company is paying out purchasing their own tablet as opposed to committing to an ELD provider.  

An 8.7″ 4g tablet will cost you around $270 without the rugged case to protect it. A generic shock and scratch proof rugged case is also needed to protect your investment and the cost would start around $90. Additionally, a company would also need a tablet mount to be able to have the tablet sit safely in the vehicle. The starting costs of a generic one would also be $90. Not to mention compatibility performance. Not all devices will have the same performance. Not all will have the same operating system. Some may have bluetooth versions that are older and less reliable for connecting to the truck’s ECM. 

Another hidden expense that some companies fail to advertise is the simplicity of the fleet management software. You want to be able to operate your fleet management software so there’s no need to have experts on staff or need to recruit one. Guardian ELD was designed to be user friendly with your fleet in mind. It’s engineered Inhouse and backed up by tech support team. All of which is available to your company at no additional cost. 

Guardian ELD is Transport Canada and FMCSA certified tablet with no hidden fees or hassles. We priced it so that it’s an affordable option for all sizes of fleet management. Ask us how we can help you save thousands with our All-in one pricing. 


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