Vehicle Inspections

Guardian ELOG DVIR

  • Streamlined reports that can analyze vehicle health and maintenance trends. 
  • Eliminating paperwork
  • Reporting access anytime on multiple platforms. 
  • Date and Timestamp of inspections for accuracy.
  • Complies with US and Canadian mandate.
  • Supports your fleet with multiple truck and trailer inspections. 
  • Customized processing allowing fleet flexibility.

Real Time Alerts

Effortlessly set up alerts for any defects on your entire fleet available on multiple platforms.

Incident Report

Standardize incident review and reporting with timestamped photo statements. Improving accountability throughout any size fleet.  

Custom Solutions

We have a technical team that can easily assist you in sharpening the application of your kits to the custom specifications for your vehicle Inspections.

Inspections are easily monitored from the Guardian Dashboard

The inspections are made fast, easy and designed to prevent errors. The inspections allow drivers to have access to Inspection reports of trucks and trailers at their fingertips. Details will include checklist, photos, and reporting the condition of the vehicle. 

Vehicle Inspections ELOG