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A certified ELD solution is now a mandatory requirement as part of Transport Canada's Commercial Vehicle Driver Hours of Service regulations, with enforcement beginning in Canada on January 1, 2023. Published in the Federal Register as a way for the FMCSA to monitor working hours of anyone operating a commercial motor vehicle with a commercial driver's license. This was designed to eliminate accidents to avoid driver fatigue.

FMCSA registered ELD

FMCSA-registered ELD that connect to the engine and automatically collects vehicle data throughout the day.

Gain fleet Visibility

Whether you're an owner operator or fleet manager, Guardian ELOG can access visibility into your driver's hours of service.

Avoid ELD Violations

HOS regulations are strictly enforced and having the Guardian ELOG connect to the engine collects vehicle data throughout the day.


  • Operating under a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director
  • Have a statutory exemption
  • Subject to a rental agreement with terms being under 30 days
  • The vehicle was manufactured before 2000

All of your information is stored on a cloud-based server that is run by 3 of the top companies in the world. 

  • The ELD Certification period covers four years, following initial certification.
  • The Standards Council of Canada requires periodic assessment of each certified ELD model to a minimum of 25% of the test plan plus additional functions as required.  The focus of each review will be as follows:

Year 1 – ELD record sampling.

Year 2 – HOS auditing and additional ELD functions.

Year 3 – Assessment of changes to the standards or regulations, client interface, or administrative functions.  

Year 4 – Recertification.

The Guardian ELOG app is what drivers use to input the information required to generate the driver’s logbook. The Guardian Dashboard is what the manager of the fleet uses to manage all that information the driver inputs from the ELD. 

Supporting Heading

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Guardian ELOG Dashboard

Managing driver schedules is made easy with user information at your fingers tips including useful Hours of Service details. 

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