guardian elog

FMCSA Approved and Guaranteed to meet the Canadian Mandate

Secure Data

Backed up to a secure, cloud-based system. Stores 14 days worth of data. Accessible data, on multiple platforms.

Stand Alone Tablet

A dedicated tablet that works seamlessly with the Guardian ELD system. Shock, vibration, crash and temperature resistant.

Expert Engineering

Designed and engineered by our in-house technical experts. Working with industry leaders do develop a top tier electronic logging solution.

Compliant & Error Free HOS

  • Create driver logs quickly and easily.
  • Minimize costly errors
  • US and Canadian mandate compliant
  • Straightforward roadside inspections
  • Supports inter-provincial HOS rules.
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard system

Advantages of The Guardian ELOG

GPS Tracking

Otherwise known as Vehicle Activity Monitoring. Keep an eye on your fleet and drivers with our built in GPS Tracking and ELD system. Data is pulled from the vehicle’s electronic communications system via a JBUS, any OBD connection, or hard-wire connection. Tracking everything from drive time, off duty time, yard time, loading time etc.

Guardian Elog GPS Tracking - Map
Guardian ELOG Tablet

Stand Alone Tablet

The Guardian ELOG is a self contained system. Users won’t have to rely on using their personal mobile device. This means not having to rely on your users having a compatible device that they control the permissions of. Instead, you would have a dedicated unit where and when they need it.

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The Canadian ELD Mandate Takes Effect June 21, 2021. The Guardian ELD will ensure your fleets compliance.

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